IN THE 18 months since he purchased Marcia Street Fabrications, director Phillip White has invested in a range of new technologies that have turned the long-established and respected local company into a world-class facility. While the focus is firmly regional, Marica Street Fabrications have undertaken projects as far afield as Dubai and China, a testament to the quality of services they offer.

Marcia Street Fabrications has been a trusted local business in Coffs Harbour for more than 30 years. When Phillip purchased the company in 2014 it was his vision to update the machinery in order to offer the highest quality and most advanced fabrication services in the region.

He has certainly done that. As well as the best welding machines money can buy, and a range of new CNC machinery including a new CNC Brake Press, Phillip has invested $250,000 in a state-of-the-art Technijet Water Cutter.

The Technijet offers absolute precision, accuracy and the highest high-quality finish on everything from stainless steel to aluminium, stone and mild steel.

“The Technijet brand is Australian-made, which is really important to us,” Phillip said. “Being located here in Australia, it offers great service and access to spares.

“The Technijet offers an advantage over other cutters in that there is no heat in the process which can cause heat distortion; and there is almost no clean up time of the cut edge due to the process of the five-cut quality setting – from super fine to course.

“Also, the bed is 4m by 2m, I would say this is the largest in the region. It enables us to work on larger sheet materials and larger projects.”

Phillip and the team have been putting the Technijet through its paces since it arrived, testing its capabilities on a variety of projects to ensure they have a full understanding of its capabilities.

“We even made a gear cog out of stone the other day, just to see if it was possible,” Phillip said. “We want to keep testing what the machine can do, so when customers ask us if we can achieve an end result, we can answer with certainty.

“With the Technijet, there isn’t much we can’t cut.”

As well as the technology itself, Phillip has invested in staff and training, ensuring the people operating the machines are as skilled as the technology itself.

“A big part of our decision to live and work in the area has been a desire to create job opportunities for locals in the region, and we have invested in training for our team so they are highly-skilled. It’s great for our business, and great for the community.”

“The new technologies are important, but having the best staff is key to our success,” Phillip said. “Our workshop manager Jamie Hammond has been with Marcia Street Fabrications for 12 years, and gives our customers a great deal of confidence in our continuity of quality and on-time delivery.”

Marcia Street Fabrications has long been known for its quality workmanship and attention to detail in sheet metal fabrication; and with the investment in new technology such as the Technijet, the company has broadened its offering, meaning whatever your project’s size or individual requirements, Marcia Street Fabrications will have a solution.

Call in and meet Philip and the team, and check out the Technijet at Marcia Street Fabrications, 42 Marcia St, Coffs Harbour, or call 6652 1476.

With the Technijet, there isn’t much we can’t cut.